Monday, July 11, 2011


Happy 7th Birthday Leo!

My crazy middle child is 7! 

Leo's "Birthday Interview"

Favorite thing the the world?  Spiderman

Favorite game?  Cars

Animal I'd like to be?  Monkey

Favorite movie?  Spiderman

Favorite thing to do outside?  Swim

Best ever present?  Spiderman toy

Spots or stripes?  Stripes

Favorite sandwich?  Cheese sandwich

Wants to be?  Taxi driver or architect

Most ticklish?  Armpits

Favorite word?  Spiderman

Worst food?  Hot dogs with mustard

What do you enjoy doing?  being Spiderman

One thing you are good at?  Drawing

Favorite person to be with?  Vinny

Best thing about turning 7?  I am going to be older like the bigger kids

Favorite thing to do with mom?  Take naps

Favorite color?  Red, white, and blue

Favorite food?  Pizza

Favorite song?  Never Say Never and Baby Baby by Justin Bieber

Favorite game?  Baseball

Skateboarding or bike riding?  Skate boarding

Hidden Talent?  Climbing

Favorite book?  Spiderman

Happy 7th birthday Leo Love!

I love you more than the moon and all the stars!

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